Better health starts with my meds management

General Mills employee loginMyMedsManagement is a pharmaceutical care practice-based medication therapy management program designed to improve the health of employees and dependents and avoid healthcare expenditures. With MyMedsManagement, you can be assured that your medications are safe, working properly, and convenient for your lifestyle. After meeting and talking with one of our pharmacists about your medication questions, you will know that your medications are working together to achieve the best benefits to improve your health.

With our service, you will receive:

  • A list of all of your medications with pictures, instructions and your physician names (Click to see example)
  • A medication diary so you know when and how to take your medications properly (Click to see example)
  • A medication action plan so you have more information about what to expect from your medications (Click to see example)
  • A summary report on your conversation with information for you to share with your physicians or other health care providers (Click to see example)